Tate Britain ☆☆

The 1500s/1600s gallery in the Tate Britain Museum (Photo by Stu Smith)
The 1500s/1600s gallery in the Tate Britain Museum

A gallery of some of the greatest hits of British painting and sculpture

The Tate Britain houses the national collections of British art made from the 15th century to the early 20th century.

This means room after room filled with paintings by Gainsborough, Reynolds, Stubbs, Blake, Constable, and especially Hogarth and JMW Turner.

There is also a lovely colleciton of Pre-Raphaelite works, and a good collection of Henry Moore sculptures.

Since the gallery’s modern art collection decamped to Bankside (the Tate Modern), the British collection has expanded to fill the entirety of the museum’s traditional seat in a neoclassical building on Millbank.

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How long should I spend at the Tate Britain?

Unless you’re really into British art, only expect to spend about 30 minutes here—though you might do it at lunchtime, as the Tate has an excellent cafe.

Add another 20 minutes for the long walk to and from the nearest Tube station.