Metric & imperial volumes

 (Photo © Reid Bramblett)

Gallons and litres and pints, oh my!

Gal Liter
1gal 3.79L
2gal 7.57L
3gal 11.53L
4gal 15.14L
5gal 18.93L
6gal 22.71L
7gal 26.50L
8gal 30.28L
9gal 34.16L
10gal 37.94L
50gal 189.7L
100gal 379.4L
Liter Gal
1L 0.26gal
2L 0.53gal
3L 0.79gal
4L 1.06gal
5L 1.32gal
6L 1.58gal
7L 1.85gal
8L 2.11gal
9L 2.38gal
10L 2.64gal
50L 13.2gal
100L 26.4gal

One liter ("litre" in British English) equals roughly a quarter of a gallon (i.e. a quart).

Actually, there are 3.8 liters in 1 gallon, so a litre is a tad less than a quart, but for estimating, that will work.

Now, Brits have started accepting that water and wine and such are sold by the litre, but when it comes to a glass of beer in the pub, those are still strictly sold by the pint (or half-pint).

A pint is 20 oz. (in metric, 568 ml—or a shade more than half a liter).

An imperial gallon is equal to 8 pints (4.5 litres).