Finding cheap hotels

A room at Juliette's B&B in Notting Hill (Photo courtesy of the hotel)
A room at Juliette's Dawson Place B&B in Notting Hill

Where to find inexpensive hotels in London

Inexpensive hotels congregate in three main areas in London.

The academic and intellectual district of Bloomsbury, home to the British Museum and the University of London, has several streets lined with mid-priced hotels of the old school (rambling halls, teensy rooms, hearty breakfasts).

Off the northwest corner of Hyde Park is a collection of middle-income residential neighborhoods—Paddington, Bayswater, and Notting Hill—popular among budget travelers for their plethora of B&Bs and inexpensive hotels. Nearby Notting Hill Gate is similar, and actually becoming rather hip in its own right.

Victoria, centered upon Victoria train station, is a genteelly residential neighborhood not nearly so run-down as most city's station neighborhoods, and packed with inexpensive hotels catering to folks who just stepped off the train or need to catch an early one.

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