Skydive over Wiltshire ☆☆

Skydiving over Salisbury and Wiltshire (Photo courtesy of Visit Wiltshire)
Skydiving over Salisbury and Wiltshire
Skydiving over Salisbury and Wiltshire, Skydive over Wiltshire, Salisbury and Stonehenge (Photo courtesy of Visit Wiltshire)
, Skydive over Wiltshire, Salisbury and Stonehenge (Photo courtesy of

Take a tandem skydive over the Salisbury Plain—Salisbury, Old Sarum, Stonehenge, and more


To get the rush you've never had... do something you've never done! If you’ve never skydived before – you’ve come to the right place. Your team of professional skydive instructors and support staff are specially trained to work with first-time tandem skydivers.

So what's tandem skydiving like? Imagine an experience that puts your senses into overdrive; it's the ultimate adrenaline rush. When you jump out of a plane at 10-15.000 feet (3048-4572 meters), you’re putting your trust in a total stranger. Literally throwing yourself into the unknown and free falling at 120mph is an experience like nothing on earth.

Marvel at the sights of major prehistoric significance, including the Iron Age hill fort of Old Sarum, once the home of William the Conqueror and depending on wind direction the world heritage site of Stonehenge. Beyond exhilarating, it defies description. The only way to understand it is to do it. So, ready for the experience of a lifetime? Let’s do this!

Your day begins once you have arrived, with an introduction and what to expect from your tandem skydive. Next you will be given specialist training in a simulated training environment. Once fitted in your jumpsuit and harness you will then be suspended so that you can effectively practice the necessary freefall and landing positions under the watchful eye of an instructor.

Once your training is complete you will go through to the departure area where you will meet your personal tandem skydive instructor.

Your instructor will escort you to the plane and once inside he will secure your harness to his and the flight will depart. The pilot will fly you up to altitude in a Cessna Super Cargomaster. This aircraft has been refitted to the specific requirements for tandem skydiving.

On the scenic flight up you’ll take in views of the historical Wiltshire countryside, the South Coast and the Isle of Wight. Marvel at the sights of major prehistoric significance, including the Iron Age hill fort of Old Sarum, once the home of William the Conqueror and depending on wind direction, Stonehenge the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once the flight has reached altitude you and your instructor will move towards the door for the next part of your experience which is the skydive itself. The high adrenaline freefall starts as you and your instructor jump from your chosen altitude of either 10,000 or 15,000 ft.

This is amazing – you will literally fall through the air and rush towards the earth at about 125 mph – if you’ve chosen to jump from 10,000 ft this will last approximately 30 seconds or 60 seconds if you’re jumping from 15,000 ft.The rush is spectacular – and is often described as being transported to another world.

At 5000 ft your tandem instructor will deploy the parachute, this will slow your rate of descent to about 30mph. The canopy produces the wind resistance needed to slow you down for landing. This journey down to the landing area is pretty magical, you’ll now be able to speak to and hear your instructor as you enjoy the quiet of the parachute ride compared to the rush of freefall.

Under canopy there is usually the opportunity to add some high speed turns and maybe even take control of the chute yourself for a short time. You can have a chat with your instructor on the flight up and let him know what sort of parachute ride you would like.

As you come into land you’ll bring your legs up into the landing position that you will have practised in your pre-jump training. You can now congratulate yourself and your instructor!