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A dorm room at the London School of Economics (Photo courtesy of the LSE)
A dorm room at the London School of Economics

How tourists can stay in cheap University housing in London

When the students are away, the tourists will play.

You can relive your college years at various London university and college dorms during school breaks.

So brush up your partying skills, dust off those dim memories of the lyrics to Louie Louie, and get ready to share the bathrooms—it's time to go back to school.

When are university dorm rooms in London available?

From sometime in late May or early June, when students head home for the summer, through the end of August and even into September, universities in London open their dorms up to travelers. In some cases, you can get even rooms during school breaks and weekends as well—and, if enrollment is down, they'll rent empty dorms out year-round.

How much does a university dorm room in London cost?

Rates vary, from around $30 per person in a dorm, or $40–$80 for a private single, up to $45 to $150 for a private double—but can also run as little as $150 per week.

What's more, folks under 26 often pay even less (presumably because young 'uns will just blend in, so the administrators don't have to bother explaining what a bunch of old fogies are doing living on campus).

What is a university dorm room in London like?

Picture a college dorm room.

OK, that's it. It looks like a college dorm room.

Expect well-worn functional furnishings and, for the most part, twin or full-sized beds.

Some rooms have private bathrooms, but the majority share a bathroom down the hall.

There are, on ocassion, nicer flats (apartments) available, but they tend to run a bit more (on the order of $100 to $200 per night).

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