Bodleian Libraries ☆☆

The Radcliffe Camera of the Bodelian Libraries in Oxford (Photo by Binayak Dasgupta)
The Radcliffe Camera of the Bodelian Libraries in Oxford

One of the oldest libraries in Europe is spread across Oxford in a series of historic buildings

You can finally pay a visit to the famed Bodleian Library, long closed to visitors. Well, parts of it—the Old Bodleian Library and the Weston Library, primarily (including the 15th-century Divinity School and Duke Humfrey's medieval library), plus on extended tours the Reading Room in the famous Radcliffe Camera.

The Bodelian is one of the oldest libraries in Europe—operating continuously since 1602, but begun long before that—and the second largest library in England (after the British Library), containing copies of every book copyrighted in the U.K.

It also has some terribly scenic rooms and architecture, so much so that it stood in for Hogwart's Library in the Harry Potter films. 

Bodleian Library tours

If you are not an Oxford student (or academic who has applied for a Reading Card), you can only visit the Bodelian Libraries on a guided tour.

There are several versions, from a mini tour of the highlights (30 minutes), to a standard tour (60 minutes) to one of the extended tours (90 minutes)—the last is recommended, since you get to go inside the Radcliffe Camera.

Bodleian Library Tours

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