Reid's List: London Dining ★★★

A dining room at Rules, London's oldest restaurant (Photo courtesy of the restaurant)
A dining room at Rules, London's oldest restaurant

Recommended restaurants, pubs, cafes, and other dining options in London

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About the restaurant star ratings (☆☆☆ to ★★★)

You will notice that all restaurants (and sights and hotels) on this site have a star designation from ☆☆☆ to ★★★.

This merely indicates that I feel these eateries offer a little something that makes them special (or extra-special, or extra-extra special, etc.).

These star ratings are entirely based on personal opinion, and have nothing to do with any official British restaurant ratings or grades.

In general, a pricier restaurant has to impress me that it is worth the added expense.

This is why I give ★★★ to some inexpensive eateries or pubs that happen provide amazing value for the money—and similarly have ranked a few fancy but notable restaurants just ★★☆.

About the restaurant price brackets (£–£££)

Here at we simply provde a general price range indicating the general amount you should expect to pay for a full meal in the eatery.

Each eatery is rated into a price category, which indicates—very roughly—what you could expect to pay for a standard full meal: Two courses (starter and main, main and side, main and dessert, whatever), plus something to drink (or, if it's a pub, a burger and beer).

There are three price ranges, giving you a sense of which restaurants are budget, which are moderate, and which are splurges:

£ under £15
££ under £30
£££ over £30